Zibra Liquids 1.5.2: Better simulation performance on Android and iOS devices, and more!

We’re committed to making your experience with our technology better and better every time. And we stay true to that goal delivering new updates to Zibra Liquids as fast as possible. Let’s dive into what’s new!

In update 1.5.2 for the Unity version, we significantly boosted simulation performance. Now, you can enjoy a faster experience on mobile devices: up to 3x on Android and 1.7x on iOS.  

We also added an option to disable raymarching. It will allow you to optimize rendering performance, which is especially relevant on mobile.

In the new update, we documented the public C# interface and added API Reference to make it easier to understand how to interact with the plugin directly from the code.


Furthermore, we extended the detectors’ functionality to detect the liquid’s bounding box, which will help you get extra information about our tool.

Also, we caught and fixed some bugs: 

  • Fixed Neural SDF incorrect scale;
  • Fixed warning/requirement to set Reflection probe and Custom light to the liquid in case of Unity Render;
  • Fixed objects not getting marked dirty when generating Neural SDF (generated neural SDFs were not appropriately saved in prefabs);
  • Fixed HDRP rendering when a resolution is changed and camera textures don’t match the camera resolution;
  • Fixed capsule SDF gizmo not matching actual SDF;
  • Fixed errors when camera preview is open;
  • Fixed Welcome Screen error when automatically opening on package import;
  • Fixed rendering for URP+Vulkan;
  • Fixed floating crash for VR+D3D11.


For more details, check the full changelog here.