Zibra Liquids for Unreal Engine is out!

Zibra Liquids for Unreal Engine is out!

This week, we released Zibra Liquids on Unreal Marketplace. From now on, our AI-powered solution for real-time liquid simulation is available not only for professionals working on Unity, but also for game developers, VFX artists, and game designers working on Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5.

How can you benefit from Zibra Liquids?

Zibra Liquids is a cross-platform GPU-based solution for real-time liquid physics simulation.

It’s powered by a custom physical solver that provides a physically accurate liquid simulation and an Artificial Intelligence-based technology for neural object representations, that enables the interaction of liquid with 3D objects of arbitrary shape in real-time.

All of this combined makes Zibra Liquids a one-of-a-kind solution for creating high-quality liquid visuals and unique game mechanics based on interactive physics.

Best-in-class performance

Zibra Liquids can simulate from tens of thousands to tens of millions of particles. Our earliest version shows up to 4 times better performance compared to existing solutions for Unreal Engine.

User-friendly interface 

On top of that, Zibra Liquids has a user-friendly UI that makes it possible to set up a scene  in just a few clicks, and is equipped with a wide range of powerful features that enable the creation of custom gameplay mechanics.

Our tool has a set of easily adjustable instruments, as well as various manipulators, (force fields, emitters, voids, detectors) and multiple visual and physical parameters to customize the look and behavior of your liquid to your liking.

See the full list of features below.

  • Real-time 3D liquid simulation
  • AI-accelerated interaction with 3D objects of arbitrary shape
  • Force interaction feature allowing liquid to apply force to objects
  • Force fields – Radial, Directional, and Swirl
  • Collider friction option
  • Multiple physical fluid parameters: gravity, stiffness, viscosity, surface tension, etc.
  • Different material parameters: color, reflection color,  emissive color, roughness, metalness, opacity, etc.
  • Blueprints and C++ support for creating custom game mechanics
  • Simple & intuitive UI

Memory and computationally efficient

Zibra Liquids makes it possible to use 3D models in compressed SDF neural representation form, which makes our complex object interaction so memory and computationally efficient.

The quality of our neural representation of SDFs is comparable to the best quality version of Unreal Engine SDFs, but it consumes almost as low an amount of memory as the lowest quality version of UE SDFs.

Our neural representations are up to 10 times more memory efficient than Unreal Engine 5 SDFs of the same quality.

Are you excited about the Unreal Engine version of Zibra Liquids? We are just getting started!

The Unity version of Zibra Liquids already supports mobile (iOS, Android) and even VR. In the future, we are planning to expand the list of supported platforms for the Unreal Engine version as well, making our real-time simulation available for mobile for game developers who are creating their projects on Unreal Engine.

Currently, we are working on memory, performance, UI and visual quality improvements, as well as adding new features such as liquid initial state baking, that are currently available in the Unity version of Zibra Liquids, so stay tuned for updates!

System Requirements

Supported platforms: PC Windows 64 bit – DX11(4.26, 4.27, 5.0); DX12(5.0 or newer)

Unreal Engine version: 4.26, 4.27, 5.0