Zibra Liquids has Android support!

Big news! Today we released a major update for the Unity version of Zibra Liquids – 1.5.0. Starting from this version, Zibra Liquids has experimental Android support, making our solution the first real-time liquid simulation asset for mobile. 

Our tool works with both Vulkan and OpenGL ES 3.2. Hurry up to try Zibra Liquids for your Android project!

Apart from Android support, we also added a lot of other updates and improvements. Here are the most important ones: 

  • From now on, Zibra Liquids has OpenGL and Vulkan support on Windows.
  • Manipulators can now use any Analytic SDF shape – cube, sphere, torus, cylinder, etc. 
  • The liquid is now rendered in Scene view on URP.
  • Visualize SDF feature now works in any render mode. 
  • We removed the “Particle Render” mode – starting from this version, Zibra Liquids has only Unity and Mesh render. You can read about the difference between Particle and Mesh render here.

We also updated sample scenes and implemented a couple of important fixes. For example:

  • Fixed liquid rendering in case DLSS enabled
  • Fixed liquid not getting rendered if you disabled “Run Simulation” and applied Initial State
  • Fixed rendering in cases when the simulation is paused
  • Fixed native plugin logger crash
  • Fixed editor for Neural Collider/SDF on Unity 2019
  • Fixed bug when colliders with Force Interaction enabled had random force applied on startup

See the full changelog here.

We are also working on performance improvements for Android that will be released in future updates. 

Please note that Oculus Quest devices are not supported in this version. 

Editor platforms:

PC (DX11/DX12/OpenGL/Vulkan, x64)

macOS(Metal, x64 and arm64)

Build platforms:

📌 PC(DX11/DX12/OpenGL Core/Vulkan, x86 and x64),

📌 UWP(DX11.DX12, x86 and x64),

📌 macOS(Metal, x64 and arm64),

📌 iOS (Metal, iOS version 12 or later, iPhone 6s or newer),

📌 Android (OpenGL ES 3.2/Vulkan, armv7 and arm64, Android 7.0 or later, Oculus Quest devices are not supported)

Unity version:

2019.4.31 or later (use the latest patch)