December 2, 2021 Industry News The fear of introducing liquids into games

Imagine — your company has made a groundbreaking discovery and is ready to create a compelling product. You can’t wait to share it with users. Where will you go? That’s right, to the market. But not to immediately show the world your achievement. You go to the market to investigate your competitors…

October 21, 2021 Industry News Why does 3D object interaction with water still rarely occur in games?

When will quality water interactions be introduced into video games? We, like millions of players around the world, keep our fingers crossed. And trust us, the ZibraAI team is doing everything possible to bring this moment closer.
Why is water such a complex object in video gaming, and why is…

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    September 2, 2021 Industry News Why is the Game Development industry still struggling with rendering realistic water

    The game development industry is one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet. Hundreds of games are released around the globe each year, and many people spend hours playing all kinds and genres of video games. A video game is basically an environment created by a computer or other media….