May 23, 2022 Methodology Approaches to real-time fluid simulation in visual effects What they are, how they work, and how to choose the right one. ZibraAI’s explainer
May 14, 2022 Methodology Zibra Liquids now has neural colliders. What are they? And what happened to the voxel ones? Starting from the 1.4.3 version Zibra Liquids has Zibra Neural Colliders. A brief description.

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    April 2, 2022 Methodology Evolution of Zibra Liquids: What’s new in Unity version 1.4 In February 2022, we released the new major update of our plugin – Zibra Liquids 1.4. What is the difference between 1.3 and 1.4? What’s new? What are we going to do next? Let’s delve into the details. March 23, 2022 Methodology Zibra Liquids is a revolutionary AI-powered plugin for real-time fluid physics simulation But how does it work? And what exactly can you do with it? Comprehensive explainer January 12, 2022 Methodology Real-time liquid in mobile games? It’s not a fantasy anymore! Are there liquids in mobile games? If you asked me if there is water on Mars, you would get the same answer — in theory, there is, but there are no benefits from this water. When we talk about liquids in mobile games, we often mean absolutely flat 2D water in casual games. November 3, 2021 Methodology Stop baking water for your video game. Use real-time realistic particles simulation instead We at ZibraAI can’t help but wonder what the player thinks about when he sees impressively realistic water in a game? Something like, “Okay, not that bad.” What does the game designer who created this scene think about? Well, he’s not thinking. This game dev has just paid all the… October 4, 2021 Methodology ZibraAI and its ML-powered toolset to boost the game development industry ZibraAI, the company, emerged in 2020 as a result of successfully applying machine learning to 3D processing. While conducting in-house ML research, the team developed a way to encode the Signed Distance Field (SDF) of a 3D object into compact vectors that can be then unpacked by a small neural…