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Why you should get Zibra Liquids

Zibra Liquids is a cross-platform asset for real-time liquid simulation

With our low-code approach you can:


● Create Real-time simulation on various devices (PC, Android, iOS). Zibra Liquids can simulate from tens of thousands of particles on smartphones to tens of millions on high-end GPUs, all in real time.


● Control the simulation’s behavior with numerous physical and visual parameters, setting up gravity, viscosity, density, surface tension, color, metalness of the liquid, etc. 


● Use Force Interaction for game mechanics where liquids can affect objects in a scene


● Set up the liquid interaction with complex 3D objects in 3 clicks.


VR is also supported, try it out in Meta Quest 2


You can find the detailed feature list here.

Try Zibra Liquids cutting-edge instruments to create new game mechanics on mobile platforms

Zibra Liquids can be easily integrated into your project. Use the first real-time liquid simulation tool for mobile devices to create:


– Interactive environments

– Gameplay mechanics (arcade games, mobile games with casual mechanics, physics-based games)

– Complex visual effects and animations

– and many more. 


Over 15,000 users have already benefited from our innovative tech. Get Zibra Liquids Android early access and test it out in your project.

Works with both Vulkan and OpenGL ES 3.1

System requirements:

Editor platforms:

PC (DX11/DX12/OpenGL/Vulkan, x64)
macOS(Metal, x64 and arm64)
For M1 Mac users, the Apple Silicon version of Unity Editor is strongly recommended

Build platforms:

📌 PC(DX11, DX12, x86 and x64),
📌 UWP(DX11, DX12, x86 and x64),
📌 macOS(Metal, x64 and arm64),
📌 iOS (Metal, iOS version 12 or later, iPhone 6s or newer),
📌 Android (OpenGL ES 3.1, Vulkan, armv7 and arm64, Android 7.0 or later)

Unity version:

2019.4 or later (use the latest feature update)

Supported Render Pipelines:

URP: 7.5 or later
HDRP: 7.x or later

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you benefit from Zibra Liquids?

✅ Best-in-class performance
✅ Impressive realistic visuals. Easy to customize
✅ Mobile platform support
✅ Tens of millions of particles to create cinematic effects on high-end hardware
✅ Accessibility and ease to use
✅ Liquid interaction with complex 3D objects in real-time, out of the box
✅ Brand new game mechanics

Does Zibra Liquids work in VR?

Yes, feel free to try it out in Meta Quest 2

Something doesn't work. Where to get help?

Join our Discord community of experts with extensive experience in game development. There, you can ask for advice or discuss any ideas. Don’t have Discord? Write to us at

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Try Zibra Liquids cutting-edge instruments to create new game mechanics

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