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What is Zibra Liquids?

Zibra Liquids is a cross-platform GPU-based solution for real-time liquid physics simulation and rendering, created to help game developers, game designers, and VFX artists to make effects creation easier, upgrade graphics, add realistic physics, and improve scene performance.


Powered by a custom physical solver and a one-of-a-kind artificial intelligence-based technology for neural object representations, it makes working with liquid easy as never before.


With Zibra Liquids, you can not only create liquid in real-time, but it is also easy to set up the interaction with 3D objects of arbitrary shape, tweak the look of your simulation with various visual and physical parameters, and much more.

With Zibra Liquids you can easily use:

● Real-time simulation


● Gravity Control


● AI-accelerated interaction with complex 3D objects


● Force fields: Radial, Directional, and Swirl


● Collider friction


● Multiple physical fluid parameters: stiffness, viscosity, surface tension, etc.

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There’s still a lot more to come for Zibra Liquids on Unreal Engine; we are hoping to ship the full release in the near future, adding many memory, performance, and quality improvements, as well as new features that will benefit creators in all industries. 


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System requirements:

Supported platforms:

PC Windows 64 bit - DX11(4.26, 4.27, 5.0); DX12(5.0 or newer)

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Unreal Engine version:

4.26, 4.27, 5.0
Raytracing is not supported yet
VR is not supported yet

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Building the project:

Currently, only Windows (64-bit) builds for C++ projects are supported.
If your project was created as a Blueprint project, you can always convert it to a C++ project for build. Please follow this link for details. Make sure to run the project from Visual Studio before building.

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