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What is Zibra Liquids Pro?

Zibra Liquids Pro is an extended version of the Zibra Liquids tool for real-time liquid simulation.


It supports all Zibra Liquids functionality and can simulate from tens of thousands of particles on smartphones to tens of millions of particles on high-end GPUs, all in real-time, enabling the creation of small to midsize simulations with anything that can be counted as a liquid.


On top of it, the Pro version is equipped with a set of new powerful features created to simplify the game development process and make filling virtual worlds with high-quality visuals and complex game mechanics as easy as never before.

What's new in Zibra Liquids Pro?


  • Skinned mesh SDF. With this feature, you can use skinned mesh as a collider or manipulator for the liquid. You can set up your character’s interaction with the liquid in just a few clicks.


  • Multiple liquid types. This feature allows you to mix liquids with different visuals and physics behaviors in the same simulation.


  • SDF Manipulators. Now, you can use any SDF as a shape for your liquids manipulators, such as force fields, emitters, or voids. This opens up great potential for a variety of gameplay with the creation of animated liquid characters.


  • Realistic foam for mesh renderer. With Zibra Liquids Pro, you can add realistic foam to the real-time liquid by adjusting foam generation parameters.


Additionally, the Pro version has standalone Meta Quest 2 support. Try it for your VR project!

Try out the Zibra Liquids Pro for free

Zibra Liquids Pro has limited early access that will last only two weeks. To receive it, you need to be a user of the full version of Zibra Liquids.Β 


After the official release, Zibra Liquids Pro will be available on an annual subscription basis. Users of the paid version will receive a free upgrade to Zibra Liquids Pro.Β 


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System requirements:

Editor platforms:

πŸ“Œ PC (DX11/DX12/OpenGL/Vulkan, x64)
πŸ“Œ macOS(Metal, x64 and arm64)
πŸ“Œ For M1 Mac users, the Apple Silicon version of Unity Editor is strongly recommended

Build platforms:

πŸ“Œ PC(DX11/DX12/OpenGL/Vulkan, x86 and x64),
πŸ“Œ UWP(DX11/DX12, x86 and x64),
πŸ“Œ macOS(Metal, x64 and arm64),
πŸ“Œ iOS (Metal, iOS version 12 or later, iPhone 6s or newer)
πŸ“ŒAndroid (OpenGL ES 3.2/Vulkan, armv7 and arm64, Android 7.0 or later, including Meta Quest 2)

Unity version:

2020.3 or later (use the latest minor update)

Supported Render Pipelines:

Built-in, URP, HDRP

Known issues:

– When using URP on iOS, some visual effects are flipped
– When using Vulkan on Android, rendering may be rotated in landscape orientation
– When using multiple materials on Windows, in build only first material may be used

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Zibra Liquids Pro Early Access?

All users who have already activated the authentication key of Zibra Liquids from the Unity store can use the Early Access version of Zibra Liquids Pro.

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Join our Discord community of experts with extensive experience in game development. There, you can ask for advice or discuss any ideas. Don’t have Discord? Write to us at

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