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These demo show how to configure the interactive liquid, set up the visual quality parameters, and create gameplay mechanics

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Our basic tutorials explain how to:

1. Import the Zibra Liquids plugin

How to import Zibra Liquids to your project and activate it

2. Create liquid in Unity

How to create liquids in Unity3D using Zibra Liquids in HDRP, SRP, and URP

3. Use emitters

How to use emitters, objects that spawn liquids.

4. Use liquid detectors and voids

How to detect the presence of liquid and remove the liquid.? They are necessary when you need, for example, to create liquid puzzles, using liquid as a part of your gameplay.

5. Create analytic colliders

Which allow you to add simple geometry, such as spheres, boxes, capsules, toruses, and cylinders.

6. Create neural colliders

This key Zibra Liquids feature allows you to create a neural SDF representation for an object of absolutely any shape and use it as a collider for the liquid component.

7. Use presets

Ready-to-use solutions that allow you to change the look of liquid quickly.

8. Use basic liquid parameters

How to make gravity, viscosity, color, metalness, etc. look and behave exactly how you want it

9. Invert SDF feature

Create a liquid container with a custom shape

10. Bake liquid’s initial state

If you want the state of your liquid to be already set when you start a scene

11. Set up force fields

Radial, Directional, and Swirl. Each of them can help you add some interesting game mechanics to your project.


Check out Zibra Liquids tutorials playlist on YouTube

Learn how to create new game mechanics for your project in just 11 videos

Using our AI-powered solution for real-time fluid physics simulation, we created this educational tutorial series. You can learn how to adjust liquid interaction with its surroundings, set up visual quality parameters and create interesting game mechanics in just 11 videos. Try it out! 


You can recreate some of the demo scenes or use them as the basis for your own custom game mechanics. 


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System requirements:

Editor platforms:

PC (DX11, x86 and x64), macOS(Metal, x64 and arm64) For M1 Mac users, the M1 native version of Unity Editor is strongly recommended.

Unity version:

2019.4 or later (use the latest feature update)

Supported Render Pipelines:

URP: 7.5 or later
HDRP: 7.x or later

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How can you benefit from Zibra Liquids?

✅ Best-in-class performance
✅ Impressive realistic visuals. Easy to customize
✅ Mobile platform support
✅ Tens of millions of particles to create cinematic effects on high-end hardware
✅ Accessibility and ease to use
✅ Liquid interaction with complex 3D objects in real-time, out of the box
✅ Brand new game mechanics

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Learn how to use Zibra Liquids cutting-edge instruments to create new game mechanics

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