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Making virtual words more immersive by leveraging real-time 3D simulation and realistic physics.

Zibra Liquids Pro is a cross-platform solution for real-time 3D liquid simulation, designed for the quick & effortless creation of realistic liquid physics and game mechanics directly inside Unity Editor.

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User Reviews


One of the Best Simulation Assets on the Store

Highly recommend, amazing hyper realistic simulations that fits perfectly in the project that I am working on. Great support for questions. 10 out of 10! More...


Absolutely Amazing

I have had the asset for awhile now and it is amazing. I use from drinking potions to water fountains. it adds so much more realism to the scene. Great asset! More...


One of my favorites

I love this asset. It's easy to use, performant, and has loads of options to play with. I've so far made a couple of animations with it in URP and HDRP, and will definitely be using it more. Had no issues with some added controllers I wrote to control parameters in runtime. More...


Best real-time water simulation

So I'm a VFX artist and like any other, I LOVE to have a water-fluid solution that can produce water just like what we have in Houdini, but in real-time. Right now, except the ocean surface simulate which require some tricks to make it works, the plugin do exactly what you expect it to do, and it looks really promising. Check the free version before try full version, you will be convinced. About the customer support, my issue was solved literally 5 mins after the report. Go check the discord server and see it yourself! To the devs, you guys are doing great. Cheers! More...


WOW this is absolutly crazy cool and MASSIVLY Useful!

Totally crazy. Simple setup. Easy handling, EXTREME performance, customizable, and works "out of the box" without any problem. Have never seen such a good liquid simulation! Respect! 5/5 stars, very useful, very easy to understand, very fast to "grasp" and works even in more complex scenes. More...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements?

Editor platforms:

Supported Graphic API: DX11, DX12, Vulkan
Supported CPU Architectures: x64

Supported APIs: Metal,
Supported CPU Architectures: x64, arm64

Build platforms:

Supported Graphic API: DX11, DX12, Vulkan
Supported CPU Architectures: x64

Supported Graphic API: DX11, DX12
Supported CPU Architectures: x64

Supported Graphic API: Metal
Supported CPU Architectures: x64, arm64

Supported Graphic API: Metal
Supported CPU Architectures: arm64
Supported OS: iOS 12 or later
Supported Devices: iPhone 6s or newer (Metal GPU Family Apple3 or higher)
Supported Xcode versions: 14.2 or newer
iOS Simulator is unsupported

Supported Graphic APIs: OpenGL ES 3.2, Vulkan
Supported CPU Architectures: armv7, arm64
Supported OS: Android 7.0 or later
Oculus Quest support is only available in Pro version

Unity version: 2020.3 or later (latest patch version is recommended)

Supported Render Pipelines: Built-in RP (BRP), URP, HDRP

VR is only supported if Render Mode set to Unity Render

How long does it take to learn how to use the plugin?

We want to ensure our users have the smoothest transition to new technology by making our UI as intuitive and simple as possible. It takes only a few clicks inside the game engine to set up liquid and run the simulation.

What about UE4 and UE5 support?

The Unreal Engine version of Zibra Liquids is already available on the Unreal Marketplace. Check it out here. The Pro version is coming soon. Follow our socials not to miss any updates.

Why are you using subscriptions?

Here at ZibraAI, we strive to make virtual worlds more immersive and simplify content creation with easy-to-use real-time simulation tools. This mission requires constant efforts related to developing new features, physics improvements, adapting our solution to new platforms and engine changes, and more. Unfortunately, all of it is impossible to do with a one-time purchase model. That’s why Zibra Liquids Pro offers several subscription options. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and easily change the subscription type anytime you want.

What performance can I expect on mobile devices? Which devices provide the best simulation quality?

You can check the mobile GPU performance table to see which GPUs and devices are supported.

Try out the simulation with our Android benchmark demo (apk) to see how it performs on your target devices. We’ve also made our tests. You can see their results here.

iOS: the simulation works on iPhone 6s or newer. iOS: 12 or newer.

Android: we recommend using Vulkan API instead of OpenGL ES to get smooth performance and stability.

Does Zibra Liquids Pro work in VR?

Zibra Liquids Pro supports VR: from standalone devices (like Meta Quest 2) to PC VR hardware.

Does Zibra Liquids Pro have console support?

We are working on it. Please contact us in case you need console support for you project needs at

What will happen when my free trial period ends?

You will no longer be able to run liquid simulation in the Unity Editor and generate new Neural or Skinned Mesh SDFs.

To continue using Zibra Liquids Pro you will need to choose your subscription plan that best fit to your needs and after activation of your subscription you can proceed to use the full featureset of the Zibra Liquids Pro for your project needs.

Will the liquid simulation work properly in my project if I decide to unsubscribe?

You will keep the latest version of Zibra Liquids Pro released during your subscription, but you will no longer be able to receive new updates, receive priority customer support, or generate Neural or Skinned Mesh SDFs. Player builds will always work, independently of any licenses.

What updates can I expect when I renew my subscription?

You will receive updates on the latest features and improvements, including new engine version support and graphical APIs, and continue enjoying the benefits of priority customer support. On demand,, Zibra Liquids Pro can also be adapted for PS4 and PS5, Xbox series X/S/One.

How do you apply AI and ML to the simulation process?

Zibra Liquids Pro uses a neural network to represent the object’s SDF (Signed Distance Field). That way we can store shape of your mesh, to be used as collider or manipulator, while having much lower memory or performance impact compared to non AI solutions.

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