Zibra Liquids is a real-time and cross-platform physically correct fluid simulation plugin for game developers

Zibra Liquids is the result of synergizing cutting-edge physical solvers and ML-based neural object representations, allowing for 3D objects of any shape to interact with different types of fluids.

A physically correct solver allows for a quick fluid simulation and rendering, represented by millions of particles on a full range of devices, from smartphones and tablets to high-end GPUs.
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Frequently asked questions
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What is Zibra Liquids?

Zibra Liquids is a real-time, GPU-based fluid simulation plugin powered by AI-based object approximation. It brings new game mechanics and stunning visual effects. Thanks to AI and machine learning, simulated liquid interacts with objects in a physically accurate way, resulting in a lifelike visualization. The plugin is intuitive & easy to use and can be run on any mid-level hardware.

Zibra Liquids can simulate several millions of particles on high-end hardware, hundreds of thousands of particles on laptops, and tens of thousands of particles on mobile devices in real-time. It guarantees CG-level physical and visual quality in real-time and the best-in-class game performance.

How do you apply AI and ML to the simulation process?

The ML part doesn't affect the core simulation directly. It takes part only in the fluid-object interaction. Using a neural network to represent the object's SDF (Signed Distance Field) can drastically decrease VRAM consumption and allows for a higher resolution when simulating interaction. This process does not require object decomposition or any extra effort.

What are the basic technical requirements in order for the plugin to run properly?

Platform: PC (DX11), macOS, iOS (iPhone 6s or higher)

Unity: 2019.4 or later

Unreal Engine: coming soon

Does the plugin work with URP and HDRP?

Yes. The plugin supports URP from 7.5 or later and HDRP from 7.x or later.

How to set up Zibra Fluid in URP project?

You need to add New Liquid URP Render Component to your URP Renderer setting.

For newly created Unity projects that use URP preset these settings are located in Settings/ForwardRenderer.

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