The most performant
real-time 3D liquid simulation
for Unity

Zibra Liquids Pro.
Make your game world more alive with the next-generation VFX and realistic game physics.

Zibra Liquids Pro is a cross-platform solution for real-time 3D liquid simulation, designed for the quick & effortless creation of realistic liquid physics and game mechanics based on interactive liquid that work even on mobile devices.

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  • Zibra Liquids

    Unity Asset Store & Unreal Marketplace

    What you will get:

    • Basic Zibra Liquids features
    • PC, Mac, mobile & PC VR support
  • Zibra Liquids PRO


    Recommended for studios with annual revenue or development budget under $200k

    Pro License, first year:

    $189.99 /per seat

    Annual maintenance, following years (-20%)

    $139.99 /per seat

    Additional features:

    • Full Zibra Liquids feature set
    • Additional AI-powered functionality
    • Liquid mixing
    • Extended number of liquid presets
    • Meta Quest 2 compatibility
    • Priority customer support
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  • Zibra Liquids PRO


    Required for studios with annual revenue or development budget  over $200k

    We will help you find a solution
    best suited for your game

    Additional features:

    • Custom features development
    • Custom engine integration
    • Unlimited number of hardware IDs
    • On-call onboarding
    • Individual workshops
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If you want to use our solution but are unsure it will be a perfect fit for your project, we can develop features suited specifically for your needs. On demand, Zibra Liquids can be also integrated into any custom engine.

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Frequently asked questions
What are the system requirements?
Editor platforms:
  • Supported Graphic API: DX11, DX12, Vulkan
  • Supported CPU Architectures: x64
  • Supported APIs: Metal,
  • Supported CPU Architectures: x64, arm64


Build platforms:

  • Supported Graphic API: DX11, DX12, Vulkan
  • Supported CPU Architectures: x86, x64
  • Supported Graphic API: DX11, DX12
  • Supported CPU Architectures: x86, x64
  • Supported Graphic API: Metal
  • Supported CPU Architectures: x64, arm64
  • Supported Graphic API: Metal
  • Supported CPU Architectures: arm64
  • Supported OS: iOS 12 or later
  • Supported Devices: iPhone 6s or newer (Metal GPU Family Apple3 or higher)
  • Supported Xcode versions: 14.2 or newer
  • iOS Simulator is unsupported
  • Supported Graphic APIs: OpenGL ES 3.2, Vulkan
  • Supported CPU Architectures: armv7, arm64
  • Supported OS: Android 7.0 or later
  • Oculus Quest support is only available in Pro version


Unity version: 2020.3 or later (latest patch version is recommended)


Supported Render Pipelines: Built-in RP (BRP), URP, HDRP


VR is only supported if Render Mode set to Unity Render


Unreal Engine 4 and 5

The basic Unreal Engine version of Zibra Liquids is available on Unreal Marketplace. The Unreal Pro version is expected in early 2023. Stay tuned for updates.

How long does it take to learn how to use the plugin?

We want to ensure our users have the smoothest transition to new technology by making our UI as intuitive and simple as possible. It takes only a few clicks inside the game engine to set up liquid and run the simulation.

What about UE4 and UE5 support?

The Unreal Engine version of Zibra Liquids is already available on the Unreal Marketplace. Check it out here. The Pro version is coming soon. Follow our socials not to miss any updates.

What performance can I expect on mobile devices? Which devices provide the best simulation quality?

You can check the mobile GPU performance table to see which GPUs and devices are supported.

Try out the simulation with our Android benchmark demo (apk) to see how it performs on your target devices. We’ve also made our tests. You can see their results here.

iOS: the simulation works on iPhone 6s or newer, but we recommend iPhone 11 or newer (from iOS 12) to get a better performance.

Android: we recommend using Vulkan API instead of OpenGL ES to get smooth performance and stability.

Does Zibra Liquids Pro work in VR?

Zibra Liquids Pro supports VR: from standalone devices (like Meta Quest 2) to PC VR hardware.

Does Zibra Liquids Pro have console support?

We are working on it. Console support will be added later in the following updates. 

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