Create tileable PBR materials from photo in one click

Easily generate all textures maps from image reference with Zibra PBR. Choose between metallic and specular workflows and get exactly what you envision in one click.

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Effortlessly Create Realistic Materials

Simplify your workflow and boost your creativity
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Get perfect PBR materials in under a minute

Generate diffuse, normal, roughness, glossiness, metallic, and specular maps for your realistic scenes without the hassle of searching through marketplaces.

With Zibra PBR, we aim to simplify content creation by automating manual tasks and giving creators more room to focus on what really matters while producing the highest-quality 3D content for virtual worlds. Currently, Zibra PBR covers materials creation. In the future, we plan to include other parts of the 3D content creation pipeline, such as 3D assets generation, automatic texturing, etc.
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Create any material in 4 simple steps

Quickly create hyper-realistic scenes
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